Dodgers' plans moving forward with all-star injured

By Michael Gonzalez

Distracted by all the hype from 2017, Dodgers fans are caught with surprise when looking up at the league standings and seeing their Dodgers are in 4th place in the National League West and seeing that all-star shortstop Corey Seager is done for the year. The Dodgers have been really struggling this season due to most of the players have not met expectations. Many fans and critics believed that the Dodgers would pick up where they left off last season’s historical (104-58) record, but it has been the complete opposite.


The Dodgers have shown no offensive threat at all this year with the team batting average being a terrible .237 and they are ranked 17th on ESPN’s total offense rankings. The Dodgers' struggles also carry into the later innings of ball games, the teams batting average in the 9th inning this year is a blistering .184 and that ranks 28th in the MLB.


But fans have been losing a lot of hope as each game goes, the Dodgers were given horrible news on April 30th when all-star shortstop Corey Seager went out hours prior to game time to go do his daily routine of throwing when he found out he really couldn't throw and his arm was in a lot of pain. He experienced pain like this in his elbow towards the end of last season and it raised a lot of concern entering spring training this year so the team has kept a close eye on him and his throws at the very beginning of the season. So when he went to throw the afternoon of April 30th he realized that he was not able to throw, so he went to go check his arm out with the team doctor and the doctor diagnosed his elbow with a UCL tear.

This was pretty much the worst outcome that there is, he needed to have Tommy John surgery which is a surgery that pitchers usually get because of all the wear and tear on their arms throughout their career. Seager had surgery May 4th and will begin rehab soon, this surgery is going to keep Seager out of play till at least March of 2019 and if the Dodgers are lucky he will be back opening day of next season.


At this point the Dodgers need to move forward and realize that Seager is not coming back this season and they need to work with what they got. Since Seager’s absence there has been talk this season that the Dodgers will pursue soon to be free agent and arguably the best shortstop in the game Manny Machado from the Orioles.

Since he will be a free agent at the end of this season and can sign wherever he feels like going, the Orioles feel they need to get at least something for him rather than letting him walk because there is no chance the Orioles make the playoffs this year so keeping him around won’t really do anything. The dodgers would really benefit from getting somebody like Machado because he would be a for sure spark plug in the lineup and his gold glove defense would help the dodgers out a lot. Some may ask “well then why don’t they trade for him already” see it’s not that simple Machado is getting paid 16,000,000 dollars this year and that is pretty far from the Dodgers cap space availability.

The Dodgers made some trades this offseason to get rid of a few of the more expensive unnecessary contracts so that they would not go over the leagues maximum salary for the seventh year in a row and pay another fine. So for now the Dodgers will keep last season’s breakout player Chris Taylor at shortstop to fill the shoes of Corey Seager, of course Chris is not as productive as Corey but the Dodgers stacked squad will still be enough to defeat a lot of teams. Now it is just up to the team to get out of the little funk that they have been in as of late and start playing some consistent baseball and meet expectations.

After two months, are the Dodgers basically finished?

By Dora Cervantes

Many fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers may agree that this is rock bottom for the team. The Dodgers fans are going crazy over the dramatic change compared to last year’s season.

Last year the LA Dodgers were just one win away from winning the World Series. The team had a total of 104 wins which included three wins against the Houston Astros. Last year the World Series final game resulted in loss with a final score of (5-1), in which also included four wins against the cubs, and also four wins against the LA Dodgers’ long rival, The San Francisco Giants.

For this year’s season there has been a start of sixteen wins and twenty-four losses, in which compared to last year they have lost so far six games and won three against their rivals, the Giants. This year has been a big change compared to their last year’s season. Many fans are still in shock of the outcome of this season, many in which they might agree that the reason for their losing streaks might be because their main players are missing. The list of the injured just keeps increasing over time, some of the players on this list consist Corey Seager, Yasiel Puig, Clayton Kershaw, Ryu Hyun-Jin, etc.

One of the biggest loss the Los Angeles Dodgers have experienced would have to be the 2016 National League Rookie of the Year and short stop, Corey Seager. In just 145 games Corey Seager has had (33) doubles, (67) walks, (159) hits, he had a (.375) percentage, and a (.479) slugging percentage. The average batting percentage being (.260-.275) for a Major League Baseball player, making Seager an important player for the team. Corey Seager’s season has been interrupted and he is missing the remainder of his 2018 season, since he was diagnosed with a UCL strain which requires a Tommy John surgery. Within the twenty-six games that Corey Seager has played he had thirteen RBI’s, two home runs, and he was 27-for-101 (.267). Missing Corey Seager and other teammates makes it harder for the team to accomplish their goal in winning games due to the fact that these are key players for the team.

Another one of the greatest loss that the Los Angeles Dodgers had to deal with would have to be the Yasiel Puig who was put on the disabled list, the reason being after bruising his left hip during a game while making a amazing catch in right field. Throughout last year Yasiel Puig had a total of 74 RBI’s, fifteen stolen bases, and Puig batted (.263/.346/.487). Yasiel Puig was put in the disabled list amount other teammates on April 28. On May 9, Yasiel Puig returned from the disabled list and since then started in right field against the Diamond Backs.

Zaidi Farhan, the current Los Angeles Dodgers manager still agrees that it is too early to determine the outcome of the Dodger’s season, he believes they still have time and that the team is trying their best to improve this season. In an interview Zaidi states, “The reality is, every team and lineup hits fastballs better than off-speed pitches,” he said. “That’s a fact. Did the end of the season and the playoffs shine an additional spotlight on potential ways to pitch to our hitters? I think so. But we have an awareness of it. We take pride in our game planning, which doesn't just

mean how our pitchers approach opposing hitters, but also having an awareness of how they're going to be pitched to. We have seen some changes in the way we're pitched to this year as opposed to last year, but it's up to us to make that adjustment.” The Dodger’s manager tries to explain how the team is trying their best to proceed with their season without their main players, he believes the season is barely starting for us to jump to conclusions. The only thing Dodgers fans have left to do is wait and find out what the rest of the season has left for Dodger fans.

OK3 fall short against a rookie

By Isreal Thomas

The Oklahoma City Thunder, capped out on an all star roster this year to make a run towards the championship; after the breaking apart of KD and Westbrook the thunder were in need of some help, so this summer the Thunder went out and geared up.


The addition of former all star and three time gold medalist Carmelo Anthony and all star Paul George to help carry the load. Who would’ve anticipated rookie Donovan Mitchell becoming an all star caliber player and coming to life in his first playoff appearance ever; in six games the Utah Jazz eliminated the Thunder and went on to play the Houston Rockets.


Game 6

Game six was pathetic in terms of the Ok3 and their collective play, Westbrook went out like always and gave more than his share with 46 points and 10 provided, but the other two components of the trio had a combined for 12 points and George had six turnovers all provided by The only help Westbrook had came from Steven Adams, he pitched in 19 points and 16 points; how is it a non all star player was able to scrape together more points than two all star caliber players in the game that really counted.


It seems everyone is conflicted over Westbrook and his reaction to a fan afterwards who made an offensive comment and Westbrook swung to shut him up because, "I don't confront fans. Fans confront me," Westbrook said. "Here in Utah, a lot of disrespectful, vulgar things are said to the players. It's truly disrespectful. Talk about your families. Your kids. ... It's disrespectful to the game. I think it's something that needs to be brought up."


It seemed like a moment of frustration, and not to serious, we all know there’s been far worse incidents in the NBA like Ron Artest running into the stands and fighting a fan for throwing a beer at him; in this case it just helps put emphasis on the frustration’s the Thunder had being knocked out first round.

Paul George

Right now there’s rumor’s he plans on resigning with the Thunder despite his free agency, the Lakers are more than interested in George who happens to be a SoCal native but it seems based on what his agent is suggesting he’s gonna stay in OKC.


Going back to game six, well he tried, he pump faked and got Golbert into the air and Golbert hit him clearly but by the refs explanation according to sporting news, "Rudy Gobert jumped to the right of Paul George," Garretson said. "Our determination was Rudy would not have made contact with Paul had he not jumped sideways into Gobert's legal space. We determined this to be a non-call."


It was all technicality, George was shooting 84% for the season so the Thunder could’ve won the game if the call went through, that didn’t happen and it shouldn’t have been that close anyway. There’s also that fact that George may have been injured he had knee surgery on Wednesday the 9th and it could have contributed to his terrible performance.

Carmelo Anthony

There isn’t much to say about Anthony, he’s old now 33 and hasn’t done much to keep himself in elite shape like Lebron, we all remember Hoodie Melo over the summer; dude was in the gym putting in work but was he working smart. It showed up in this series, he was shooting a measly 27% through the entire series and was benched the entirety of game four, and he definitely wasn’t happy about it especially because they were winning game 5 which he wanted to play in.


According to SBNation Melo simply isn’t good enough anymore to dictate the terms of his starting role or not, he called come off the bench, “out of the question.” At this point it isn’t really his fault he’s getting older but it seems he hasn’t come to the understanding that at this point most players go out gracefully, but he is holding on to something that isn’t there anymore.

Cavs dethroned by Celtics' magic in Eastern Conference finals

By Daniel Rosales

Making the war to four who will win the Eastern Conferences Finals Cavs or Celtics. How will advance to the Nba Finals and How will win.

So after Games 1 and 2 the Celtics have been doing an excellent job by beating the Cavaliers. The cavs on the other half haven’t been doing a good job and they haven’t been playing like they normally play. Also it’s shocking to see that the Cavs are down 2-0 and losing to the Celtics. The Cavs have been in a similar situation it happened in the First round of the NBA playoffs same situation but different team. The Cavs were facing the Indiana Pacers and the Cavaliers were almost elimated by the Pacers. But LeBron being LeBron didn’t let that happen they forced a game 7 and beat the Pacers. But even when the Cavs aren’t playing at their best LeBron always finds away to help his team out, but in this situation the Celtics have found ways to shut down the King.

In this case LeBron scoring a triple double wasn’t enough to beat the Celtics because the Celtics have such good and young talent on their team that they find ways to win and never give up until that final buzzer goes off. A contributing factor to the Celtics winning Game 2 came from playing hard defense and good transitionally offense. One thing that has contributed to the Cavs losing is lack of defense and lack of communication while on defense. The way game 2 started was amazing for LeBron he knocked down every basket that he scored, but when he got injured on a play that kept him out for 5 minutes of the first quarter the Cavs weren’t knocking down any shots.

LeBron himself has been amazing throughout the playoffs but he can’t do it all by himself he needs his teammates help, which they aren’t doing right now. The Celtics and Cavs game is starting to look like a rivalry of last years Eastern Conference Finals were the Cavs won. After an impressive Game 2 by Boston it looks like the Celtics want to advance to the Finals. The Celtics haven’t won an NBA championship since the year 2007-2008 and the Celtics want to win a championship with such a young team.

The reason’s as to why the Cavs are losing to the Celtics is because they just aren’t focused in the game and they are more focused on just winning which hasn’t been the greatest out come for them so far. The other reason to why the Cavs are losing is because the lack of effort they play with and the way the continue to play. The other factor as to why the Cavs are losing is because when they have the lead in the game they feel that they have already won the game and the begin to become cocky. All these reason that are listed here are why the Cavs are losing because they get to comfortable with the style that they are playing with and that hasn’t been so great for them. The style and brand of basketball that the Cavs are playing aren’t the same Cavaliers that won the Title back in 2016 or the same team that made it to the finals again last year but ended up losing.

Also a big contributing factor to the Cavs losing back-to-back games also has to deal with Head Coach Ty Lou’s call and the plays that he is calling. Lou’s poor decision making to start players off the bench was a terrible and horrible call because he should have stuck with the lineup that he usually plays with. But he went with a different strategy thinking that the cavs could beat the Celtics in game 2 which was ultimately wrong decision making.

If the Cavs want to win advance to the Nba finals they need to start playing as a team. They need to stop relying on only one person to help them win a game period because one player doesn’t make a difference.

13 million Angelenos are divided over one man: LeBron James

By Arthur Dischian

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in NBA history. Their sixteen NBA championships rank as second most in NBA history. The Lakers have had a history of great success and superstars playing for their team, but in recent years they have fallen off a cliff with five straight losing seasons. This summer, the Lakers are going to try and sign a superstar player that can change their fortunes.

One of the best players in the NBA, LeBron James is available this summer. Teams are lining up just for the opportunity to sign LeBron James. There have been murmurs across the league that LeBron wants to join the Lakers. These rumors have been sparked by James himself. He has been hinting at wanting a move for a while now. He enrolled his son into a Los Angeles high school, and he even bought a new home in Los Angeles. The Lakers' president of basketball operations Magic Johnson has been saying he admires LeBron's game and how big of a star he is. Magic was spotted having a conversation with James' agent Rich Paul at a Lakers game last month. 

Some Angelenos are even taking it upon themselves to convince James to come and play for the Lakers. Lakers Fans have been bombarding James’ social media accounts convincing him to join the Lakers. Some “super fans” have put up billboards begging for LeBron to bring his talents to Los Angeles, most notably attorney Jacob Emrani. 

Emrani has commercials trying to convince people to hire his team as their attorney, now he is trying to convince LeBron James to join the Lakers with billboards, one of which reads “#LABron.”

Emrani said "We got to get involved and show LeBron that we want him here," Emrani said. "I figured I'd be the representative to put up the dollars for every single Laker fan around the world, to show LeBron that we want him here and we want him here immediately."

Many people who live in Los Angeles would definitely love for the best player in NBA to turn the Lakers around. I gathered some thoughts from fans of the Lakers on the LeBron James situation. My friend Sako said “I think any team would benefit from having him but the Lakers especially because they need his help.” A student named Jack from my basketball class said “The Lakers should do everything they can to get LeBron to sign because he is one of the greatest players ever.”

Although many people believe LeBron should join the Lakers, some people are unsure. There are Lakers fans who believe that signing LeBron James has more negative effects than positive. Those fans argue that LeBron would not fit into the team because he is too old, and he is not going to be good forever. They say that he would not fit in with the young players which the Lakers already have, and he would derail their development. A cashier from Foot Locker said after being asked if he would want LeBron James on the Lakers. “I don’t think he should come to the Lakers because the Lakers do not need him. They are fine with the players they have.”

The Lakers fan base is split on whether they want LeBron James or not. Both sides make compelling arguments on why the Lakers should and shouldn’t sign LeBron, but at the end, it is LeBron James who makes the decision.

LeBron was told about the billboards which Emrani put up he said that he is flattered by fans attempts to lure him to their cities, but he is focused on his team currently. LeBron has been brushing off the rumors that he would even consider leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron said, "I got too much work to do here," James said. "One thing about me and my career … I handle my business accordingly and when that time comes I'll take care of that.”


Lakers fans will be holding their breaths this summer when LeBron makes his anticipated decision. Judging off of LeBron’s past, this decision may be his most controversial one yet.

Controversy erupts over Neymar Jr. joining Real Madrid

By Erick Martinez

After one great season at Paris Saint Germain Neymar Jr is considering a move to one of the biggest clubs in soccer history Real Madrid. The move to Madrid will mark soccer history forever.


Neymar Jr one of the top elite soccer players in the world as of right now who once played for FC Barcelona is considering a move to the Santiago Bernabéu home of Real Madrid.


He is being sold at a world record of €222 million transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, he is the highest player to be ever sold.

He was at Barcelona for four years and had many titles and championships won there with one of the two best players right by his side Lionel Messi. His move to Paris Saint-Germain broke the hearts of many Barcelona fans leaving them devastated as the fans grew a passionate love for him. He was announced to leave Barcelona in the summer of the 2017-2018 season to go to France and join Paris Saint Germain.

The event took place in Spain when he was playing for Barcelona at the time and asked for the transfer that would ultimately make him leave Barcelona. Neymar’s reason for leaving Barcelona is he was playing aside one of the greatest soccer players in the world Lionel Messi and he felt in his shadows and might’ve felt that he could do better and make history while not being told that he’s in the shadow.

If his goal is to become of the best soccer players in the world then becoming Madrid’s star would make it easier for him as Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have many years left as Neymar himself does.


Playing for a great team with great players would make it much easier for him to win the Ballon D’Or and that is one of the key things in a soccer players career if you are already on the top like these players such as him. The Ballon D’Or signifies your hard work throughout the season and being the best player.

Following his first season as league champs with his team in Franc and one of the top scorers in his league he is not set out to leave France just yet. Club president of Paris Saint Germain has “promised the Brazil international that he will be granted permission to return to Spain if European glory is delivered in the French capital."

Although the transfer window is coming up and we don’t know whether Neymar is going to ask for the transfer. What we do know is that it may very be an option for him to end up going to Real Madrid and reinforce the club to make them stronger.

The club manager of Madrid said himself that Neymar would be a great asset to their team and would play great alongside Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. Teammate Marcelo who plays with Neymar in the international team of Brazil says “all great players play at Real Madrid” Marcelo who knows how Neymar plays and would love to have him on his club team to make his team stronger and win more championships and titles.

Opposing rival Lionel Messi says that he would be devastated if Neymar joined Madrid as he had gotten pretty close to him over the years and would now possibly join rival side. Messi says "And on a football level, it would make Madrid much stronger than they already are."

Having Madrid much stronger than what they already are is not going to be good for Barcelona as they are going to have to recruit and or sign great players to even be able to give Madrid a good matchup. This year Paris Saint Germaine were unfortunate as in the round of 16 they got Real Madrid and lost plus getting an injury that would take Neymar out of the game.

 It means a lot to fans who are passionate about their team and who love the sport themselves and for them watching the team that you love play is a great feeling, but watching them win championships and titles is an even better feeling.

California natives find new homes in the NFL

By Justin Crisanto

As the NFL ends, two players find a new place to play away from their California homes in New York and Arizona. This years draft was held at the AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas. Held from Thursday April 26 to Saturday April 28. This years prodigies include our very own California natives Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen.

Sam Darnold of Capistrano Beach, attended USC as well as San Clemente High School and was drafted as the Number 3 pick chosen by New York Jets to play as Quarterback. The importance of this position for this team is quite significant, the mobility and the quickness is something that the jets really need. This all allows for the team to create instantaneous plays during games.


The quick release and accuracy of Sam Darnold only complements the needs of this team and would make him a dangerous piece to be played on the field. Sam Darnold seems to not be affected by the cameras and by the new light given to him by the draft. When faced with criticism he will take it with a grain of salt and continue with the rest of his day. If he is told to fix something about his technique he will acknowledge it and make the fix. Sam Darnold is a player ready to work and determined to be an asset in New York.


One of Darnold's priorities in this new chapter of his career is to make sure the ball is secured. Sam had trouble with ball security during his college career. Something that Darnold does well is the extension of plays, he has the ability to acknowledge pressure coming from the defense and make a play come out of it  all. Sam Darnold's physical properties will allow him to be able to play in the NFL.


With the height of 6 feet 4 inches and the weight of 220 pounds Sam Darnold is at the peek of where an NFL quarterback should be at. Not only that but sam Darnold had one of the best college careers out of all the prospects. Sam Darnold threw for 7,229 yards and only threw 22 interceptions in his college career.

Josh Rosen, another California native from Manhattan Beach attended and played for both UCLA and St. John Bosco High School. He was drafted as the Number 10 overall pick into the Arizona Cardinals. His goal is to play for them and be their starting quarterback.


The Cardinals currently are in need of a quarterback that with the skill that Rosen possess. Especially since their starting quarterback Carson Palmer has announced that he will be retiring from the NFL. Rosen has the ability to throw at intermediate ranges well something that the receivers at Arizona have. With players like Larry Fitzgerald that have the capability of catching intermediate throws while under pressure. And with quality running backs that the Arizona cardinals have it is sure that Rosen will be protected in the pocket ensuring that he will throw at his pace without distractions. Josh Rosen has a natural way of throwing the ball.


What Josh Rosen needs to do in Arizona is earn the respect of all the coaching staff and the players in order to be able to have a say in what the team should do and how they should do it. Josh Rosen has a great mind when it comes to the game. With the ability to break school records, Josh Rosen was able to throw for 3,756 yards in a single season adding to his 9,339 yards over his career at UCLA. With Rosen's height (6’4”) and weight (218 lbs.) it is sure that he will be capable to surpass other quarterbacks and become the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.

Doping cancels historic rematch

By Romik Yegiazaryan

The Nevada Athletic Commision suspended Canelo Alvarez for doping violations ahead of highly anticipated May 5th rematch against Middleweight champ, Gennady Golovkin. Canelo was in Mexico when he failed the random drug test. Their first fight ended in a bitter draw where a judge was attacked for her outrageous scoring of the fight. Due to the unfair scoring in the first fight, they decided to have a very much wanted rematch. However, things didn’t go as planned before the rematch Canelo Alvarez failed 2 drug tests. Resulting to a big commotion between fans, and even between the two fighters and their coaches. The fight didn’t happen and Alvarez was suspended for 6 months by the Nevada Commission.

When a fighter is caught doping, the punishment for such violation is a 1-year suspension, but Canelo was granted a reduced suspension of 6-months. This allows Canelo to be able to fight Golovkin in September. Canelo pleads his case of doping as eating ‘bad meat’ from Mexico which contained Clenbuterol. Clenbuterol is used by farmers to help the cattle. This wasn’t the first case where a fighter has blamed bad Mexican meat when testing positive. Boxers, Erik Morales and Francisco Vargas were also stuck in the same boat as Alvarez. So is there really something wrong with the meat from Mexico? Is this all just a huge mistake?

Golovkin’s thoughts on Canelo: “My first reaction, you know, ‘Really?!’ like that. Just ‘Really?! Are you serious?!’ because, you know...I know him, he’s good boxer, you know."

Maybe he’s extra boxer, not regular guy. I believe he doesn’t need medicals or like drugs, you know, like that...and right now, test positive, it’s terrible for sport... “I respect my sport because I love clean sport. For me this is, you know, terrible. This is not laboratory, you know? This natural stuff. If you not believe your natural stuff, you use medicals...Right now he’s test positive, it’s crazy”. Golovkin is looking for a replacement on May 5th.

Canelo could earn about 50 million while Golovkin could earn around 33 million dollars. Golovkin might be earning less than Canelo but he is putting 3 of his 4 belts on the line in the matchup. This fight is more of a quote on quote “history fight” for Golovkin. It is a fight that boxing deserves to happen. Two of the very best go at it once and for all.

This became a horrible nightmare for Canelo and the millions of fans and supporters he worked hard to gain are now disappointed. This left him publicly embarrassed mainly because this was not the first time he used the meat excuse. Imagine yourself as a fan knowing that your role model has done the worst thing possible, how would you feel? Where does his career stand as of now?

This story is very important because it has a great effect on the principles of boxing. In any sport using steroids to gain any advantage over someone is cheating and that person is morally corrupt. This isn’t the first incident where a fighter is blaming meat from Mexico and this is a serious problem.

Golovkin is continuing to prosper in his boxing career, while Canelo is left with the burden of failure. Golovkin is given plenty of chances to fight with other opponents, where he will not only receive a higher scale in the charts of boxing but will earn about 27.06 million dollars. Here is the issue Golovkin might be on a role, however Canelo is failing to take his title back, people are losing hope that he would ever change and if he is an honest fighter. It is surprising to see that a championship fighter like Canelo who had total fights of 52, and won 49 nearly all, but do to his outrageous mistakes he is left pushing himself up back to the top. Canelo is trying everything to clear his name, to justify that he is and always was a clean fighter and he earned his ranking through commitment and hard training, however actions speak louder than words.

Armenians are relying on one man to bring the title home

By Stepan Karapetyan

On September 16, 2017 a fight was scheduled between Gennady Golovkin, known as Triple G (GGG), against Canelo Alvarez, a very talented Mexican boxer who had only one defeat. This fight had been long awaited. That fight resulted in a draw. However the fight was visibly won by GGG. This made the world want to see a rematch as soon as possible, and the people got what they wanted and a rematch was made for 2018 at the MGM grand In Las Vegas Nevada. Canelo Alvarez took a drug test and failed to another boxer had to step in and fight GGG. That fighter was an Armenian boxer named Vanes Martirosyan. He despereately wanted the people in Armenia to be proud of him.

Vanes Martirosyan’s main motive behind this fight was test his skill level. The Armenian boxer was to share the ring with one of the greatest pound for pound fighters to ever step in the ring. Vanes is an Armenian fighter who was barely returning to the ring since 2016 because of some injuries that he had suffered in his last boxing fight.

The fight took place at the stubhub center in Los Angeles California. Gennady "Triple G"  Golovkin and Vanes Martirosyan fight was set on a Saturday, May 5 and the fight took place at 11pm east central. Fans who were not at the fight at the Stubhub Center could have.

There were many reasons why Vanes wanted to fight Gennady Golovkin and one of them was to make a big name out of him if he beat Gennady because no one has ever been close to beating Triple G because he is such a skilled, talented, and dominant boxer. Vanes coming from Armenia, would have made a lot of Armenian fans proud if he could have beaten GGG but we are still proud of him because there isn't a lot of Armenian boxers nowadays especially in the level of Gennad, even though Vanes lost he took the challenge and he tried his best to beat a very good boxer like GGG. The situation that was going on in Armenia with all the people being happy because of political reasons and if Martirosyan could have won, then it would have made the people of Armenia go even more crazy and be filled with joy.

The fight happened because of Canelo failing his drug test as I mentioned earlier in the beginning and since no one dared to want to fight Gennady Golovkin, Vanes wanted to show that he isn’t afraid to take on a challenging task like that and he wanted people to know that Canelo possibly even faked his drug test in a way so he avoids Gennady and it was clearly obvious from a fan's perspective that Canelo is hiding from Triple G. Many boxing fans gave praise to Martirosyan for stepping up to fight GGG because if it wasn’t for Martirosyan then I really don't think anyone would have fought Gennady because so many fear him.


In an interview  Martirosyan said “Gennady is a tough fighter but I didn't fear him, and I could go and fight him again if I have to”. Martirosyan’s national pride was used in his favor when battling GGG. GGG was reportedly, “GGG just looked unstoppable in the second round it was like he wasn't human”.

Vanes was who I was rooting for, even though it didn’t last a lot of rounds. A reporter from Forbes also stated before the fight how “this win could have meant a lot for Vanes and it could have possibly even been the most upsetting win if he could have gotten the job done” this means a lot for Armenians because we would have never thought that he would ever ended up fighting GGG, people that i've interviewed about this fight all said that Martirosyan was a good fighter but he was nothing compared to Gennady but we like that we heard the words Armenian around in articles and in television and we wanted to see Vanes on TV because again there isn’t many occasions where an Armenian athlete is being talked about and having a match being televised.

Has McGregor’s fame finally got to him?

By Sarkis Melikyan

Conor McGregor has become the face of combat sports. In four years he was able to achieve what other fighters dream about accomplishing for their entire career. Conor in July of 2011 , on two weeks notice, knocked out Chad Mendes for the UFC Interim FeatherWeight Championship. Within the next six months, he knocked out the greatest featherweight in Jose Aldo with a UFC record breaking 13 second fight for the Undisputed UFC Featherweight championship of the world. Conor later went up a weight class to challenge the UFC LIghtweight champion, Eddie Alvarez; Conor ultimately starched him also to become the only fighter in UFC history to hold two championship belts simultaneously.


He is renown for his unbelievable striking ability. McGregor is able to gauge distance therefore able to keep opponents at bay with his distance controlling karate kicks and his monstrous left hand. His boxing was on such a high level that Conor put his Mixed Martial Arts career aside in order to challenge on of the greatest of all time boxers ever, the pound for pound king, Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

The fight that took place on August 26 at the T Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada. That fight was the second most pay per view fight in the history of sporting events within the United States. Conor Mcgregor made over one hundred million dollars that night. He was on top of the world and no one would be able to take that away from him without a fight. That may just be his downfall.


Mcgregor has so much confidence in himself. He believes that he is a king: the king of kings. As the ruler, if someone has a dispute with a member of the kingdom, the king retaliates with full force. All of these events took place at the Barclay Center on April 5th after the UFC media event.

Khabib Nurmagomedov had an backstage altercation with (Conors’ Teammate) Artem Lobov. Khabib did this because of what Artem said about him in an interview. Conor heard about what happened to his teammate. He took his private jet and 20-30 members of his crew (thugs/gangsters) to go and confront his rival Khabib. Conor and his crew were able to gain full access and entry to the arena even though he was not involved in the event in any way. Conor and his group (including Artem Lobov) intercepted the loading dock where the busses filled with fighters where at. Conor and his team are seen on video pounding on the glass of the bus were which Khabib and his crew where in. He eventually threw a trash can into the windshield, a metal barricade onto the side, and lastly a box dolly into the last passenger window of the bus. The bus was able to back away and close the gate on Conor and his crew. Conor, Lobov, and his crew leave the arena. Ray Borg was not able to fight because of glass in eyes. Michael Chiesa cut because of laceration on forehead. Artem Lobov was pulled from the event because of his involvement of the incident. Conor had a warrant out for him with 3 charges of assault and one charge of criminal mischief. Conor turned himself in in the next day. He appeared in court the following week. Bail was set to $50,000.

Mcgregor is such a celebrity and a draw to the UFC that the entire incident was recorded and posted on UFC’s YouTube show, UFC Embedded. Fighters are worried that he has so much fame and has so much power over the UFC, that he will not be sanctioned by any of the state athletic commissions.


One point that was made was if let's say Ray Borg or Michael Chiesa and their goons attacked the bus of Conor Mcgregor, both of them would be done; their entire carriers would be thrown away. Now imagine if Conor sustained an injury a night before another one of his record breaking fights and way forced by doctors to be pulled from the event, both of those men's lives would be ruined by lawsuits and fan harassment.