"Black Panther" has made history in the Marvel cinematic universe

By Ruth Morales

On February 16, Marvel made history by releasing its first black superhero movie called Black Panther. It is filled with diversity and African culture, which is a big deal to the the black community because they finally feel they have a movie that appreciates them and their culture.

Ryan Coogler, the director of award winning films called Creed and Fruitvale Station , has now brought us a new Marvel experience with his his new movie, Black Panther. This movie stars Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther, Danai Gurira who plays Okoye, and is also known as Michonne from the Walking Dead. Another notable actor in this film is Lupita Nyong'o who plays Nakia, Black Panther’s love interest. She is also known for her major roles in her previous movies, 12 Years a Slave and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The villain in this movie is played by Michael B. Jordan, who was also the main star of Ryan Coogler’s previous movies.

Most of the story takes place in a isolated, beautiful world called Wakanda. This setting makes the whole story come to life because of its beautiful waterfalls, sunsets, mountains, and technologies that are developed with Wakanda’s number one resource, vibranium. Almost everything is made of vibranium, including Black Panther’s suit. All of this technology has been hidden from the rest of the world. This movie takes place right after the Captain America Civil War movie where T’Challa’s dad was killed. T’challa, who is also known as Black Panther is made King after his father’s death. He faces many challenges after an enemy enters Wakanda and takes his place on the throne.


This movie is not only a major step up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is also a huge achievement for the black community. Never before has there been a superhero movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the main characters and leaders of the movie are African American. For once black actors are not just side characters in a superhero movie, like the previous Marvel superhero films.

According to the Internet Movie Database, the movie has already made over a billion dollars worldwide. It has also scored 97% on rotten tomatoes. It is a movie worth seeing because

it is a new story that is being told. Ryan Coogler has given the black community a movie that appreciates them and a movie that speaks for them. He does a well job of making the movie entertaining by adding all the typical things we see in Marvel movies, such as the superhero vs. villain themes and the typical action that we see in every marvel movie.

People are really enjoying this movie and it means a lot to people who are African Americans. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, some people with an African background were invited on the show to say what the movie Black panther meant to them.

One man named Kwabena Abboa-Offei said, “I absolutely loved this movie... Basically, everything that represents me was honored in this movie.”

“Well, for me as a mother of a young son, my son’s childhood has been defined by Barack Obama and now Black Panther so thank you,” a woman said on the show.

One fan said, “Words can’t even describe what this movie has meant to me and to other black people.”

This movie is something new that presents new ideas about our current society that have not been seen in previous marvel movies. It displays a lot of things that were inspired by African culture including, the way people dress in the movie, their dances, music, clothing, language, and traditions. All of these elements help make the story be more enjoyable because we get to learn more about African Culture.

Best of all, Black Panther is a movie that has to be seen because we can relate to it. We can relate to the story that it tells, its messages, and the character’s struggles. Some of the things that we can relate to in this movie is the loss of loved ones, struggles with our identity, family issues, economic, social, and political issues. It shows the problems that are currently going on in our country today. It is a movie that we can learn from and enjoy at the same time.

"Isle of Dogs" is Wes Anderson’s tribute to Japanese culture

By Mariel Folkerts

 “Isle of Dogs” is acclaimed filmmaker Wes Anderson’s second venture into animated films, after “Fantastic Mr. Fox” (2009) As in his previous animated film, Anderson tells his story using almost entirely stop-motion animation, an artisanal and meticulous process that creates the illusion of movement frame by frame with objects like puppets and miniatures. The story takes off in Megasaki City, where Mayor Kobayashi (voiced by Kunichi Nomura), has banished dogs to an island garbage dump off the coast of Japan to contain canine overpopulation and an outbreak of “snout fever,” beginning with Spots (Liev Schreiber), loyal guard dog of  the mayor’s 12-year-old ward and distant nephew, Atari Kobayashi (Koyu Rankin).

“Isle of Dogs” takes off as Atari searches for Spots, a heroic quest that leads him to a canine penal colony, a wasteland where mysteriously sick dogs fight over morsels gleaned from rancid, maggoty garbage, with an abandoned nuclear power plant and a derelict amusement park. This being a Wes Anderson production, it is also visually seductive, filled with perfectly aligned cubistic trash, gleaming pools of toxic liquid and walls of colored glass bottles that glow like stained-glass windows. Trash Island turns ugliness into beauty, with landscapes varying from shorelines and hills of rusted metal or cardboard, to plains of newspaper, white trash bags, and empty metal cages piled high. Every part of Trash Island is a unique and distinct land of detail. However, the neutral and often drab color palette of Trash Island perfectly contrasts the vibrant colors of Megasaki City that the lead dogs dream of returning to.

Dogs of every background, from show dogs to strays, have been abandoned here. There are purebreds and mutts and a silky show dog, Nutmeg, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. The top dogs, though, an “indestructible alpha male pack,” are a group of skinny throwaways named Rex (Edward Norton), Boss (Bill Murray), Duke (Jeff Goldblum), and King (Bob Balaban), led by Chief (Bryan Cranston), a proud, violent stray who has never felt the fierce devotion to humans that his packmates had.

Because of the use of stop-motion animation, every scene is detailed and precise, and no element or aspect is accidental. Every action, shift in expression, or small twitch of a nose is purposely done. Anderson’s attention to detail is shown most notably during a shot of the crafting of an elaborate order of sushi. It took the team around 6 months for a scene only 45 seconds long.

“We’ve got… nearly nine hundred characters, several thousand faces that have been sculpted, molded, painted, all have been done by hand,” says Andy Gent, head of the puppet department in a FOX Searchlight interview. “It’s the largest number of puppets that have been created by hand…not using 3D printing, that’s been created for a stop motion film.”

“We ended up with over 240 sets in the movie, some that just appear on-screen for 3-4 seconds,” says producer Jeremy Dawson.


The choice to have an American character be the one to rally her Japanese peers to her cause has been the subject of controversy among critics, citing themes of having a “white savior” in a foreign land. One of the biggest issues is that while the canine characters have their barks translated into understandable English, the Japanese characters are left speaking their native language, resulting in their dialog being unintelligible unless translated by another character during the scene. The viewer is left to infer what is being said through the tone and emotion of a character’s voice.

Many have claimed that Anderson’s usage of traditional Japanese themes and motifs is a prime example of cultural appropriation by Hollywood, while others see it as an ode to Japanese culture. Personally, I see “Isle of Dogs” as part of the latter category, as the film celebrates each aspect of Japanese art and history that it draws upon, from the taiko drummers to the traditional kabuki theatre. Great care was taken to represent each of these aspects accurately.

"Overboard" remake sinks into problematic sector

By Monica Bernal

Recently, latino actor, Eugenio Derbez created lots of controversy when he landed the male acting role in the new remake of 1987 Overboard. As soon as the trailer came out, due to the several changes in typical stereotypes that were originally showed in the first make of the movie.

Given the fact that it's a recent movie of and it had so much success in the past, it could possibly not have much appeal to the audience of today. It's still going to get rating because many people thought the male role, played by Eugenio Derbez, in other movies or something of his most familiar work have been extremely funny and a great representation of the Latin culture on the big screen. Having the Latin industry make such a huge impact in the film industry of Hollywood is a big accomplishment and something to be proud of, the entire Latin race has their eyes in him, which is a big responsibility not only for that but because it's a remake that completely changes and flips the common type to something more diverse and non stereotypical. Some observers say say Latino box office turnout can be hard to estimate accurately, given the surprise success of “Instructions Not Included.” Disney-Pixar’s “Coco” similarly beat tracking forecasts, over-performing its initial opening weekend estimates. It can either go really well or extremely bad. The Hollywood movie industry is so impressed to see a project lead by a Latino thrive, but that's only because the job opportunities in this industry are extremely restricted keeping people from enjoying products of their culture all the time which is why when something does release everyone wants to watch it. Stereotypes are one if the main reasons why Derbez wanted to shake things up a bit in the remake of Overboard.


On another note, the controversy that it has created compared to the non-latin perspective, there is a huge difference. The latin communities take the huge change as a big step in progress in integrating the latin culture into the the big hollywood screen. The major success is based on seeing a familiar face on the big screen where other races, not only the latin, can enjoy the talent Derbez can provide. With the huge stereotypical changes Derbez decided to include as the director and producer of this new film, it changes the way the latin culture sees opportunity and benefits not only the latin culture, but the hollywood industry as well. It expands the audience and impacts the cultural views into other cultures who aren’t familiar before.


In my opinion, I feel like the remake of Overboard, h as definitely created so much controversy because of the huge changes that have been made to the stereotypical roles that were originally assigned, but i think that changing it up a bit and finally seeing latin talent in roles where the typical stereotypes of “robber, criminal, immigrant, etc” are given to another race is refreshing to watch because when you

people thought the male role, played by Eugenio Derbez, in other movies or something of his most today. It's still going to get rating because many familiar work have been extremely funny and a great representation of the Latin culture on the big screen think of a latin actor or actress you automatically think they are given the role of the typical stereotypes that they are usually given.

In a recent article by Variety, people said that “[they] looked him up on YouTube, and there was a whole bunch of his Mexican television stuff that wasn’t subtitled,” They stated that even while “[having] two years of high school Spanish ... neither of us spoke any Spanish. [and still managed to make them] [laugh] without knowing what he was saying and that’s usually a sign of someone who is extremely funny.” Keeping this in mind, you can tell that there is definitely much controversy and with that on the line, people get curious to see what it’s all about, but at the end of the day, it’s a movie that one person will see and then spread the word about it. Which explains why there was such a success in the beginning when it was recently released and now it’s sinking in rating. Not much profit is being made off this movie. Not only from the regular american audience but the latin audience as well.

"Thirteen Reasons Why" season two more controversial than season one

By Aranza Villegas

Suicide prevention and mental health experts argue that season one of Thirteen Reasons Why sparked a suicide contagion effect and season two is much more disturbing.

Season one of Thirteen Reasons Why aired on Netflix on March 31, 2017. In the series, when Clay finds out about Hannah’s death he is completely devastated. He finds out more about why Hannah killed herself when he receives a box with 13 tapes. In those tapes Hannah explains 13 reasons why she killed herself. Each tape is about a different person and how at some point they became “friends” with Hannah but ended up betraying her, leading her to kill herself. The first person in the tapes listens to all 13 tapes and when they finish they need to pass it on to the person on tape two and so on and so forth. Clay is number 11 on the tapes. He is the one who begins to freak out and brings Hannah’s tapes to the light.

After the release of the Netflix series, many controversies sparked surrounding, suicide, depression, and sexual assault. After the release, many experts argue that the series increased suicide curiosity instead of helping spread awareness.

According to The Atlantic, studies showed that Google searches “about suicide rose by almost 20 percent in 19 days after the show came out...more searches than usual regarding the subject”.

Experts argue that the show sparked a negative effect on teens who watched the show because of Hannah’s gruesome suicide and sexual assault scene.The directors and producers argue that they demonstrated those scenes because they wanted to get as real as possible.The cast and crew also added suicide and depression hotlines to provide information and help.

“I think 13 Reasons Why is predominantly a piece of entertainment... I think where it’s been effective is that, yes, it is a piece of entertainment, so it’s not coming across as a PSA, but I feel like the approach to telling the story was to tell it the most authentic way possible” Katherine Langford, the star of Thirteen Reasons Why, told Deadline.

Season two of Thirteen Reasons Why was released on Netflix on Friday, May 18, 2018. This season focuses more on the aftermath of Hannah Baker’s death. Hannah Baker’s mom goes on with the Hannah’s trial. As Hannah’s mom is trying to get justice for her daughter’s suicide, issues like sexual assault, substance abuse, suicide, mental health, and gun violence are presented. Each person who was on the tapes tells Hannah’s story in their point of view in court. New information is revealed about Hannah, making people question whether or not what she said on the tapes is true. We see Clay’s group of friends supporting each other and wanting to bring the rapist, Bryce Walker, down. The Bakers lose the trial against the school. The season finishes at the spring fling when people are told that Tyler, who was sexually assaulted in the bathroom, is going to go to shoot up the school.

Many were quick to argue that season two was much more disturbing because of the Tyler’s gruesome sexual assault rape scene and his attempt to shoot up the school. Many looked away. Mental health experts argue that both scenes can be dangerous for vulnerable teens to watch because they can get the wrong idea.

However, “as intense as that scene is... it doesn’t even come close to the pain experienced by the people who actually go through these things. When we talk about something being ‘disgusting’ or hard to watch, that often means we are attaching shame to the experience. We would rather not be confronted with it... This is why these kinds of assaults are under reported. This is why victims have a hard time seeking help. We believe that talking about it is so much better than silence”, creator Brian Yorkey told Vulture .

No one knows exactly when or if season 3 will be released. “We're not going to pressure him (Brian Yorkey) to create more seasons if he doesn't feel they are there, but he is already starting to think about what a season three could be”,executive Amy Powell told Express.

Coachella is the best music festival for California teenagers

By Ben Fletcher

According to MediaKix over 32 million people attend one or more music festivals in the US per year. 14.7 million of those are millennials. On April 13, 2018 I joined that statistic.


When we first arrived in Indio, California where Coachella 2018 was held we were all excited. Before we even got to Coachella we made some friends on the way while driving on the highway. It was crazy to see so many people on the road headed to the same place you were, and everyone was so happy to see you.


Once arriving at the festival it is easy to see why so many people, especially teenagers, travel long distances just to come here. You are greeted with a huge open space full of people, and it becomes your space to do whatever you wish.


According to Karen Blez at Hello Giggles, Coachella bumped their attendance cap from 99,000 to 125,000 in 2017. Tickets for Coachella still sell out in the first day of release online in a matter of hours. Tickets start at $429 for general admission and when talking to fellow teens who went to Coachella they all say every dollar spent on Coachella was well worth it.


Coachella is known for having the top artists to come and perform, and this is another reason why it makes it so appealing to teens. This year they had headliners such as The Weeknd, Beyonce, Eminem, and much more.


“Coachella arguably builds the best lineup in America each year, complete with nearly every genre: EDM, pop, hip-hop, latin, jazz, punk, alternative, house and techno, country and more," Cody Smith from YOUREDM states. Their line up is huge, and there are so many people to see, and so much to do.


”It is like one big party” my friend Paul said when asked how to explain Coachella. He told me that “it is a place where I can be myself, and no one is judging nor cares.” I asked Paul what his favorite part about Coachella is, he told me “there’s too much to be super specific, if I had to make a short list, I would have to say, meeting new people, and there is so much good food and music.”


I can agree with this completely, a major part about Coachella is meeting new people, and sharing experiences with friends. I talked to a few other teenagers to see what they would say about their experience. My friend Kelly went to Coachella the same time I did, but she also went the previous year in 2017. She gave me a different answer than what Paul gave me, and I really like how she explained it. She told me that Coachella is like being on a different planet, she explained it as “leaving the normal world, and going far far away to a place where everything is ok, there are no worries, just fun.” I asked her to explain why she thinks that is, and she told me that at Coachella everyone there wants to be there, and everyone is having the time of their lives. “There’s not much to go wrong” she said, “maybe you’ll lose your friends in a massive crowd for a couple minutes, but even if that happens you still have a good time by yourself - it’s also one of the coolest place to go and to share on social media.”


After listening to my friends talk to me about Coachella, and relating it to my own experience there, it really makes me understand why Coachella is such an amazing place and experience. Everything there is almost too perfect, it seems almost unreal. Everyone I talked to, and even myself say that it is too short, or something along the lines of “I wish I could stay here forever.”


Coachella allows teens to be surrounded by things they love, in a place away from home with no worries. This is what makes Coachella so appealing and worth every cent. It gives each and everyone of its ticket holders and experience of a lifetime.

The new era of hip-hop: rap or crap? You decide.

By Brandon Montalvo

On September 16, 1979, Hip-Hop was born. The Sugar Hill gang released their groundbreaking single “Rapper’s Delight” and the world was introduced to a funky beat that guided a charismatic flow of rhythm and rhyme. What followed was a wide array of artists that earned their exalted spots in the streets along with the hearts of many music lovers. The poetic stylings of previous rappers like 2pac, The Notorious B.I.G, Ice Cube, and Nas gave the entire world insight on the burdens of poverty, addiction, family dysfunction and police brutality.

Today however, a new breed of rappers tend to focus on their present success; flaunting their wealth, stature, and debauchery before listeners.

In modern hip-hop, song topics seem to fluctuate between modest and prideful impressions.

Originating from the free music streaming website SoundCloud, many of these new rappers gained success through their homemade songs. With lyrics and music videos showcasing drug use, sexual activity, and gang related behavior, rappers like Lil Pump, Lil Xan, and Tekashi 6ix9ine are bagging more “hype” over their projects.

Alongside these rappers are other artists who stir away from the ignorant, “in your face” music. Instead, they focus on the cruel world around them, addressing topics that also affect the lives of others. Artists like J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Logic, and Childish Gambino, offer a perspective on love relationships, friendships, self acceptance and racial oppression.

Each style of artists are creating music that express themselves and resonate with the audience to some extent. Whether their songs are about prideful boasting or enlightened proclamations, they’re each received differently, with some being praised more than others.

In order to determine which style of modern hip-hop the public favors more, I evaluated two 2018 music videos that perfectly capture both ends of the hip hop genre: “Essketit” by Lil Pump and “This Is America” by Childish Gambino.

Lil Pump’s “Essketit” is about the young artist’s enthusiasm before engaging on multiple acts of partying and getting paid. “Essketit” is a colloquial way of saying “Let’s get it”. All that the video captures is the loud; colorful lifestyle that Lil Pump created for himself. A life full of “Popping on X pills” and “Only wear[ing] designer”.

When asked about his thoughts on the rapper, hip hop fan at Amoeba records, Angel Rangel deemed artists like Lil Pump as “cheap fast food”, implying that one can obviously tell that a five star Italian restaurant is a better option than McDonalds, but sometimes “you just want to be cheap and order a Big Mac.”

In terms of rap, Lil Pump is that four dollar cheeseburger. He’s not as good as chicken alfredo or 2pac, but he can be enjoyable at times. Especially at a party where teenagers are raging

till the break of dawn.

However, in a survey of 30 students, 81.3% answered otherwise with the majority labelling “Essketit” as “meaningless trash” while 100% fully enjoyed Childish Gambino’s “This is America”.

The sample group was not hesitant to express their appreciation towards the “underlying message”. Although the lyrics seemed minimal and repetitive, the video made up for it. With Gambino serving as the embodiment of America, he implies that we live in a gun crazed society where black citizens are targets while the youth are desensitized and distracted by trends and social media.

There’s no doubt that a song accompanied by a symbolic video is gaining more admiration over a decadent lifestyle.

According to the survey, 100% of listeners favor “reality” over “hype”. They want artists on higher platforms to speak out on controversial issues, keeping the traditions of their rapping forefathers alive.

Rappers like Lil Pump seem to be on their own wave. Utilizing their social platform to keep teenagers partying and their speakers bumping.

Whether their music is “trash” or “fire”, it’s all based on the listener’s taste. Regardless, both of these rappers and others alike are here to stay, producing new music for us to either bob our heads to or sit back and reflect on the burdens around us.

Now the question stands: which do YOU favor more in the hip-hop category? Hype or Reality?

The hypocrisy of Yeezus: West changes direction with Trump admiration

By Barby Roca

On April 25th, 2018, infamous rapper Kanye West went into a Twitter rant regarding his admiration for President Donald Trump. West proclaimed his feelings in several tweets such as the following:  “You don’t have to agree with trump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother...”

His words caused outrage, leaving celebrities to voice their concern regarding Kanye’s statements. As he flaunted his signed MAGA hat on social media, West disappointed and confused many.

It is safe to say that Kanye wasn't always like this, or rather these opinions are contradictory to what he has preached throughout his musical career. His recent displays of support for a polarizing individual such as our president is an act made in hopes of gaining the approval of a demographic that wasn't necessarily fond of him earlier in his rap career. But before one jumps to conclusions, it is important to look back at the start of Kanye West’s fame.

Since his “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” outburst during the NBC “Concert for Hurricane Relief” in 2005 and earlier, Kanye was vocal about issues of racism and corruption within politics, which made the white conservative demographic uncomfortable.

When Kanye released College Dropout in 2004, it became an instant commercial success. Songs such as “Never Let Me Down,” “Two Words” and “Jesus Walks” referenced struggles of the black American, like voter discrimination and police brutality. In an interview the following year with MTV News, West called out homophobia in the rap industry, stating “Everybody in hip-hop discriminates against gay people.”

West later released Late Registration that same year, which further focused on the exploitation of the black community. “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” and “Crack Music” discussed problems African Americans faced in the Reagan era during the crack epidemic as well as during George Bush’s presidency. Kanye’s joint album with Jay-Z released in 2011 titled Watch The Throne also discussed consumerism, racism, and sexism.

2013 was when West’s views began to reach a gray area. From saying that racism was a “dated concept” in a Clique TV interview to releasing a song titled “New Slaves” in his album Yeezus, his public persona was preaching beliefs that were contradictory to the music he released. In October, he sold merchandise which included the Confederate flag within his newly created “Yeezy” line. Two years later, he donated money to Hillary Clinton, gave words of encouragement to Caitlyn Jenner during her coming out as a transgender woman, and announced that he would be running for president in 2020.

In late 2016, West stated during his Saint Pablo tour that he “would have voted for Trump," receiving confused reactions from thousands of fans. He later met with Donald Trump in Trump Tower in December 2016, supposedly discussing Chicago and “multiculturalism.”

Now here we are in 2018. Kanye returns to Twitter after a year-long hiatus and begins tweeting. He compliments conservative Candice Owens, avid critic of the Black Lives Matter movement and frequent guest on Fox News and Infowars, for her political views. He claims that “slavery was a choice” and praises Trump once again.

Saying that Kanye West’s statements are confusing is an understatement. As an artist who has built a following being outspoken in the rap industry, his conflicting ideologies are ultimately leading his old and new fans to a fork in the road, leaving them with a burning question: What happened to the “old Kanye?”

How can a rap artist who was once an advocate for calling out discrimination through his music now support a president who discriminates so blatantly, one who wishes to ban Muslims, prefers religious liberty over protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community, and considers Mexicans rapists and drug dealers? Is it expected for the public to ignore the fact that his political opinion and the music he creates are on conflicting spectrums?

If Kanye West’s intention with his recent Twitter activity was to gain attention and create controversy, he has certainly done so. However, he has also jeopardized his following and further created an opportunity to shed light on his own hypocrisy. The self-proclaimed “Yeezus” might have just caused his own crucifixion.

Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer prize, makes history

By Aidan Bostic

Young African American males have a harder time living in modern day America than any other disenfranchised group. Police killings and failure to access the issue continue. Our current president only further supports segregation and white supremacy. Recently, the black community, as well as its supporters, have unified and stood up for one another. Just recently, we witnessed a group of black men get arrested for “loitering,” at a Starbucks. Social Media went absolutely berserk, bashing Starbucks and attempting to shut down that establishment. Over 50 years after the Civil Rights movement and after a long battle for equality, the black community still suffers at the hands of history.

Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer Prize in Music is monumental for the black community as a whole. Many musicians, as well as celebrities, took to social media to speak on it and their words show the longevity that this moment has. A great deal of artists that commented on the prize shared the same background that Kendrick had faced in his harsh Compton environment.

Segregation and gang violence are the key contributors to some of the issue African Americans face. A lot of artists from the rap genre shine light on the gang violence that they are surrounded by and/or partake in. Rappers like Chief Keef innovated “drill” music which is a genre that embraces gang violence. Artists like Kendrick do the same thing, except they do not shine light on the action of it, but instead the repercussions. Kendrick speaks on the segregation that is an instigator of that gang violence that these other rappers talk about. Kendrick shows how the years of oppression African Americans faced are still prevalent in modern day society. Shining light on this aspect of black life gives the black community power. This prize is symbolic of Power. People are beginning to notice the need for change and that they can no longer stand by on the sideline and watch.


Other rappers took to twitter in order to support their fellow musician as well as show that this is no common occurrence. Rappers like Common continued to say “Amazing! Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer Prize for his album DAMN today. He is officially the first non-classical or jazz artist to win the Pulitzer Prize in music!” Common is one of the first great lyricists to ever hold a mic. Hip-Hop/Rap has been a long and progressing genre that has taken different routes and directions. Today, it is the most listened to genre in America. But all the same, rap music stems from black culture and a DJ spitting the same 4 lines over beats for a couple hours. Kendrick winning the Pulitzer wasn’t for himself, but it was for every other great hip-hop rap album that was overlooked because it was done by a black musician.


On top of this he did it for the black community. The Pulitzer Prize for music is one of the most prestigious awards that you can be awarded. Kendrick established himself as one of the most influential artists of this generation and put the black lifestyle on a platform for all eyes to see. Sonically, the album is layered precisely with thick lines that range in delivery. Kendricks songwriting skills are through roof and it is very apparent in this album. When Kendrick won this award, it grouped him with all of the previous winners, while also separating him from every other rapper in his genre. Kendrick is telling young black kids, “hey, this is really possible.” A vast majority of black people come from the same environment that he is from. Most of the people in these communities resort to rap music as an outlet.

Kendricks rapping style is unparalleled by any MC there is. He can have a strong conversation with the listener and drastically change his flow while keeping the listener intrigued. Dorian Lysnky wrote in an article, “When Duke Ellington was controversially denied a Pulitzer in 1965, he responded: ‘Fate is being kind to me. Fate doesn’t want me to be too famous too young.’ He was 67 at the time.” Kendrick took the award with open arms and smiles at the age of 30. Musically, he remains untouchable and anything he drops will more than likely be lyrically stupendous.The hip-hop/rap community takes this as a step in the right direction, integrating black culture into a seemingly anti-black America.

"Avengers: Infinity War" breaks hearts and box office records

By Jessica Gevriykan

Over the past 10 years, the Marvel Studios has been able to produce 18 movies, raising over 12 billion dollars. On April 27, 2018, Marvel released its 19th motion picture and newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War . This major crossover film was released one month ago, and has retained the same qualities of any Marvel movie that was released before; breaking box office records while breaking the audience’s hearts as well.

In a matter of four weeks, Infinity War has managed to break 13 records within the Box Office. The movie was awarded the record for the fastest - grossing film to reach $1 billion in the Global Box Office in 11 days, while the previous record holder was Star Wars: The Force Awakens with 12 days. The movie also broke the records for both domestic and worldwide opening weekend sales; raising $257, 698, 183 for domestic and $640, 521, 291 worldwide. The film has recently surpassed Jurassic World by overtaking the position of the 4th-biggest film in the Worldwide Box Office.

Since 2008, Marvel has been releasing its movies through a set of phases. The 1st phase was used to introduce the individual heroes such as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. This phase ended with Marvel’s first major crossover, The Avengers . This movie also presented the first scene that would introduce Thanos into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over the next 10 years, Marvel would continue to establish its franchises and introduce new characters such as Spider-man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. As these movies were being released, Thanos and the Infinity Stones continued to be referenced in the overarching storyline, and the heroes would eventually have to face the major villain that had been the cause of their suffering since The Avengers.

In Avengers: Infinity War , the plot revolves around Thanos and his pursuit of the Six Infinity Stones. These stones include; Time, Space, Reality, Power, Mind, and the elusive Soul Stone. In this movie, the Avengers team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther to defeat Thanos and prevent him from obtaining all the stones. If he succeeds in his quest, he will become omnipotent and use his powers to eliminate “half the universe” with the snap of his fingers. Throughout the movie, the heroes are divided into three separate groups. Thor works with Rocket Raccoon and Groot to retrieve his hammer, Mjolnir, that was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok. Captain America and his allies work with Black Panther to retrieve the Mind Stone that is placed within the hero, Vision. Meanwhile, Iron Man works with Spider-man, Doctor Strange, and the rest of the Guardians in the ultimate battle against Thanos.

The two and a half hour film has been raved by Marvel fans because of its constant action and comedic dialogue between the beloved characters. Unfortunately with a cast this large, the movie does not confirm a positive outcome for all the heroes. “I was very confused and kind of heartbroken”, stated Angela Gevrikyan after leaving the movie theater. The directors of the film, famously known as the Russo Brothers stated that the cast members were all given separate scripts that contained different endings of the movie. For this reason, the actors were forced to improvise their fatal scenes. Many fans agree that this was the reason why certain scenes felt so raw and emotional as they were portrayed by the actors.


After experiencing the traumatic ending of the movie, fans began to suggest possible outcomes for Avengers 4 . One of the most expected new arrivals in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Captain Marvel. Roxett Pinedo, who has been a fan of Marvel since the 2002 Spider-Man film, proposed that “She’s going to team up with the rest of the Avengers that are alive to defeat Thanos”. When her logo appeared, the movie confirmed her arrival by placing the cameo in the post credits scene. As the countdown begins for next year’s anticipated sequel, fans will continue to develop theories to provide hope and closure as they wait for the Avengers to assemble.

Audiences are shocked by "Avengers: Infinity War." Here’s why.

By Nataly Opoyan

Pleased with the outputs of Marvel, audiences have been heavily anticipating the release of Infinity War; considering all of the teasers in previous films leading up to the entire come up of the film and its infamous antagonist, Thanos.

Since the release of Black Panther, fans all over America, all over the world in fact, have been impatiently waiting for April 27th of 2018. Being the release date for Avengers: Infinity War, fans have marked calendars and set reminders to make sure they’re one of the first to see the movie. Being such a success, Black Panther signified an important moment in cinematic history; being the first Marvel film with nearly an all African-American cast, the movie represented a cultural triumph in the media.

Being a fan of Marvel, I decided that once the film had been in theaters for a while, that is when I would go to watch it. To experience the movie and articulate a review as a critique, I thought this would be the best option to see the film without the bias of the buzz.

On May 8th, 2018, I went to my local Cinemark with a couple of my friends, grabbed a snack from the concession stand and went to watch the Marvel movie that “changed the game”. The scent of buttery popcorn flooded my senses and the movie began with its MARVELous introduction with all of our favorite characters.  


SPOILER ALERT: Please DO NOT continue reading if you have not seen the film or if you anticipate to be disappointed by the spoilers.                   


Diving right in, the first scene shows Thanos, the Black Order (being his henchmen), one of the founding members of the Avengers, Thor, and his mischievous brother, Loki, confronting the titan and his “children” shortly after witnessing the Asgardian genocide. Having one of the infinity stones in the palm of his hand, Thanos’ search for the 5 remaining counterparts to his infinity gauntlet continued.

As things got heated, I could feel the anticipation in the room build up. Loki’s conniving nature and quick wit took over; he planned to kill Thanos amid offering him the Space Stone. Being too slow, Thanos stops Loki from assassinating him with the help of the Power Stone and kills Loki with his bare hands. This left audiences in shock because the quick kill in the exposition was an unexpected play especially from Marvel. I would articulate this to be some sort of mental notion that the film would have a darker nature behind it in comparison to previous Marvel films, considering that the death was insufferable for both Thor and fans in the audience.

Reintroducing other characters such as Dr. Strange, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Winter Solider; the newly expanded Avengers had the audience captivated. Escalating quickly, climactic fight scenes were happening simultaneously, the final battle scene being the most significant in terms of impact. As all the Avengers on Earth attempted to destroy Thanos, nearly all fail. Thor took his chance at destroying the genocidal maniac by chucking the Storm Breaker and impaling him in the chest. Unfortunately, Thanos’ “last words” to Thor were, “You should have gone for the head”, this being said moments before he snapped his fingers and “destiny” took place.

The audience, knowing what would happen next, held onto their seats.  One by one, half of the Avengers and Earth began to evaporate into thin air; earning gasps from the audience. Empathetic final moments between our beloved Avengers brought tears to our eyes and steam out of our ears.

As the resolution approached, we, as an audience, all knew that it shouldn’t have ended like this, but the real question is, had the movie really ended? Were the Russo Brothers really going the rid the MCU of so many valuable characters at the hands of Infinity War? It didn’t make sense to any of us as to why this would be a justifiable end. In shock, I was getting out of my seat, preparing myself for the conspiracy theories, but Marvel had an ending scene that would completely leave us in fury, only because Captain Marvel had given us a cliff hanger we couldn’t fathom.

"Infinity War": the comics versus the movie

By David Elmaleh

With the new addition to the Marvels movie series, Avengers Infinity Wars, it was—like all other Marvel movies—mostly no surprise to comic book readers on the premise and outcome of these movies. But after watching the new avenger movie, Infinity War, I was curious in seeing how closely related these marvel movies are to their comics. At the end of the day these movies are derived from marvel comics so why not see how much of the comics their actually using and to see whether or not comic book readers are actually in position of spoiling the entire movie to those who don’t read the comics. Which in this case is around most because when asking some of my friends most of them don't read comic books at all and to be honest although I've read some comics, I didn't read one that had to do with Avengers Infinity Wars. So I went online and it got me curious in knowing if it really does follow the comic books as it’s written out or if it’s just completely different. So lets start comparing.

One thing that differs would be Thanos’s motives. Thanos has a strong love for Lady Death , a cosmic being who acts as an embodiment of death. He’s driven with a desire to prove himself worthy to become her mate. Everything Thanos does is for Lady Death. That was why, in Infinity Gauntlet , he gathered together the Infinity Stones . Thanos also destroys half of the universe to gain her love. This is where it differs from the movie.

In the movie Thanos’s motives comes from his bizarre thought that the world’s natural resources are being overpopulated. Thanos has seen this before on his own planet, Titan, where a exponential growth in population led to an extinction. This is where he builds his philosophy where he is the only one who know how to save life and his way is by exterminating half the population of the world. Although from our perspective the logic is basically crazy, Thanos honestly believes he's in the right.

Other quick noticeable differences between the comic book and the movie is with the missing of Adam Warlock in the movie who serves as a main protagonist in the comic book series. Another character not (yet) in play would be Silver Surfer due to Marvel Studios not (yet) having the rights to the character. Other set of characters that were from the comic books such as Promixa Midnight, Black Dwarf, Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, and Supergiant as the five Dreadlord generals of Thanos, each having different powers and weapons. Only four ended up making it into Infinity War.The Black Dwarf, which was Thanos’s version of a Hulk with an axe that was expandable, was renamed Cull Obsidian, which, in the comics, is another name for the Black Order.


Also, in Avengers movie, Thanos talks about how on his planet of Titan he was considered to be an outcast because he proposed they killed of half there planet in order to help the issue of the planet being overcrowded and lacking the resources to survive. Clearly anyone that proposes planet-wide genocide is going to be labeled as psychotic and banned from people’s planet. But, there are other reasons why Thanos was an outcast on his home planet.

For moments that were similar to each other would be moments such as the torturing of Nebula. In both the comics and the movie Thanos tortures his adopted daughter to make Gamora

talk up the location to the Soul Gem. Another similarity is that Thanos at the end of the movie and basically at the end of the comics both end up with all the Gems and both with just a snap of the finger wipe out around half the universe.


In conclusion, the comic books and the movie are both similar yet different in some aspects. Depending on whether or not you care about character more or storyline or motives, they all have similar traits yet different ones to the comics versus the movie.

"I Feel Pretty" ignites gender based opinions on society’s beauty standards

By Melissa Carcamo

The comedic movie starring Amy Schumer, I Feel Pretty, sheds light through a satirical view on the stereotype of society’s beauty standards. This movie targets women who struggle to fit into the standards of beauty created by social media and shows. The director made sure to have every type of women be seen by incorporating different types of women ranging from social classes and body shapes.

Schumer plays Renee, a woman who has a low self-esteem regarding her appearance. Her group of friends also feel like they don’t fit into society’s beauty standards. Renee’s low self-esteem holds her back from achieving her goals and diminishes her ambition. She wants to obtain so much but she doesn’t see herself as being good enough because she constantly compares herself to other women. Teen girls compare themselves to social media models on Instagram.

Renee works for a high-class luxury cosmetics company known as Lily LeClair but her office is located in a basement in Chinatown, excluded from all the action. She goes to Lily LeClair’s headquarters to turn in paperwork and is in awe of being “on the other side”. The company’s headquarters is filled with eye catching gorgeous models.

She finds out about a receptionist job opening and is filled with happiness. An opportunity opens up for her to accomplish her dreams of working at Lily LeClair’s headquarters. Once reality hit her she felt doubt in herself to apply for the job. Feeling troubled and depressed, Renee goes back home without the thought of moving forwards to achieve her dreams. She stares at the mirror making herself even more sad about her appearance.

The next day feeling more motivated than the day before, Renee goes to Soul Cycle where she suffers a traumatic head injury which causes her to wake with the confidence of a lion. With a newfound confidence, Renee is able to achieve all of her hopes and dreams of working as a Lily LeClair receptionist and even VP of the new makeup line.

Renee also finds love with a guy she meets at the dry cleaners. After a couple weeks, Renee hits her head again and loses her confidence. She later learns that everything was an illusion and she looked the same throughout the course of the movie.

After watching the movie, I decided to talk to some Grant students to get their opinion. to get their opinion. Johanna Contreras, an 18 year-old senior, describes the movie having a message behind it and definitely “wasn’t expecting it because it was meant to be a comedy not a critique of society.

 “The purpose was to aim at women who feel insecure about themselves,” Johanna continues, “saw myself differently feeling confident enough to chase my goals and when she realized she was the same person I realized I was the one holding myself back”.

Johanna was able to relate, “It’s kinda hard to not compare yourself to the prettier people on Instagram because there’s always gonna be someone nicer, smarter, thinner, anything.”

My next two interviews were with two 17year-old senior boys, Hakop and David Elmaleh. David Elmaleh didn’t watch the movie but describes the concept to be “interesting and very inspirational to women who struggle with their body image”.

David didn’t watch the movie because he believes it only applies to women and not men because he has never experienced what Renee experiences based off the trailer. On the other hand, Jake stated that “the movie is a relatable movie that both men and women should watch sometime in their life time because it combats real life struggles and reassures people that we don’t have to follow society’s beauty standards”.


Both genders will have something to relate to and will gain from. Johanna’s and Jake’s ideas about beauty changed after watching I Feel Pretty. Overall the big take away is that everyone is beautiful in their own way and we all just have to accept ourselves and have the confidence of a lion.

Extreme metal band BEHEMOTH sets Southern California ablaze

By Max Ray

Hailing from the icy heart of Poland erupts BEHEMOTH, a blackened death metal band who is arriving in sunny Southern California for the first time this year. Their last venture to the West coast was on Slayer’s previous tour with other supporting act, Lamb of God. Behemoth is still riding the wave of their monumental 2014 release ‘The Satanist’, which received rave reviews across the metal community. Coming off the release of a magnum opus makes for high expectations, and Behemoth hope to deliver.

Citing an interview from Loudwire, frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski says, “I know it's lots of time, but time's flying and we're super stoked about this new stuff. I like the approach with Behemoth too because when I went from [Me And That Man] to do Behemoth songs, I was super hungry, I was hungry for doing radical sounds. I really hope that it sounds different again, that it's refreshing and it's something redefining and rejuvenating in what we do with Behemoth again. But let's see, because maybe it's too early to talk about it."


Being a huge Behemoth fan myself, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new album. While riding in the car with my mom I came upon astounding news, Behemoth were playing a one off show, away from their tour with Slayer! I ecstatically told my mom I needed to order my ticket right now, and so I did. My fate was sealed, I would finally be able to go see Behemoth. Soon after I called up a few of my friends who also enjoy Behemoth to let them know of the good news, they soon bought tickets as well.


Part of a reason for my unimaginable excitement is that seeing Behemoth on tour with Slayer would be near impossible for me financially. Slayer, being on their farewell tour, sold out arenas in record time, and resale nosebleed tickets were going for as low as $190!


The last time Behemoth were in Southern California was last year with Slayer as I had previously mentioned, and I in fact attended that concert at the forum in Inglewood. A great tragedy occurred that day at The Forum, when I mistook the show starts time for doors open time. I missed Behemoth completely, all just to get a red bull down at a liquor store.


This time around I was going to miss them. For weeks I nervously awaited the day of reckoning, the day Behemoth would rock my world with hellish riffs and a fiery stage presence; and then it was Saturday the 12th. We eagerly await the arrival of our friend Daniel with his grandma. As we drove from my humble abode in Valley Glen to the Fox Theater in Pomona. We arrive with about an hour to spare, and so we go our separate ways. The boys are hungry before an extreme metal show, so we go in search of some good eats. While walking around we spot a Tom’s Family restaurant, a most delicious diner style eatery. Then the unimaginable happens: crossing the street we see none other than ORION, the bass player for Behemoth. None of the other guys recognized him, but me being the awesome loyal fan I am, knew, and got all of us fist bumps and an unforgettable memory. We then get in the long line to the show and wait for about twenty minutes. We get in the packed venue and secure ourselves a spot on the rail, right above the pit.


Finally, Behemoth comes on stage, shrouded in darkness, filling the theater with ominous, demonic chants and voicings. The members, clad in dark clothes, covered in ghostly face paint and blood. The show was theatrical and entertaining, and while they didn’t play the song I wanted to hear “Messe Noire” they played a good assortment of songs for their unfortunately short set. They did however play Wolves ov Siberia, a brand new song. The song was loud, powerful  and delivering, driven by a heavy rhythmic drum force. While only playing for an hour, Behemoth delivered the goods on what a Death Metal show should be and have left an impression on me.

A Perfect Circle's imperfect album

By Ethan Hunt

A Perfect circle hasn’t made an album in 14 years but, just last month on April 20th 2018, they released their newest album called, Eat the Elephant. Many people weren’t excited on their change in sound in this album.

“A Perfect Circle does work to change their sound quite a bit on this record…”  Says youtuber, Anthony Fantano “…A Perfect Circle has always had a relatively dynamic and dramatic sound so it’s not really all that surprising to see that they would take things in this direction however, I didn’t think some of the new material on this record would essentially be reduced down to really stiff, lifeless piano rock...”

I agree this is a step out of the comfort zone. I actually enjoyed the album, but this album is overshadowed by their first two albums, Mer de Noms and A Thirteenth Step. For me, reviewing this album is just like… eating an elephant.

The first track on this album, the title track, is about eating the elephant, dealing with something like a big problem. One bite at a time. This song is pathetic. 1st impressions are everything which is why most 1st songs/intros in albums are interesting, the appetizer before the entrée. “Disillusioned” is the next song and is another song commenting on our obsession with social media and technology. The song wants us to take action in getting away from technology.


The next song, “The Contrarian” is vocalist, Maynard Keenan’s stab on politicians. Trump was an inspiration for parts of the album according to Keenan. This song is about a person who lies to achieve power. All of these songs sound similar, unlike “The Doomed”. This describes what the world will be like when the sinners are being blessed while those virtuous are all doomed. Maynard verses this song by copying a part of the bible.


Next song is the end of the world, “So long and thanks for the fish” one of the hits on this album. If you’ve read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you know most of what this song is about. This song is about the end of the world through a nuclear apocalypse. The upbeat and cheery tone is juxtaposing the dark lyrics.


The next hit is “TalkTalk," my favorite song in the album. It talks about how prayers won’t solve any problem. “…Don’t be the problem, be the solution”, stop blaming deities and take responsibility for your actions. The next song is “By and Down the River”. This song is the same song from a compilation album titled Three Sixty.


Next is “Delicious” which describes the satisfaction of seeing someone receiving punishments for a crime. “DLB” is a two minute instrumental of more piano we haven’t heard already, contrasting the upbeat “Hourglass”. The song portrays a ticking time bomb and is a warning sign to the apocalypse. “Feathers” is just about the weight of words on our feelings but how words can also free us from suffering. The album closes with “Get the Lead Out”. The album has been addressing concerning problems in life. Now we have to get up and finally take on the problem rather than complain about it. This last song is boring. It sounds like a slow trap song.

Overall, I would compare this album to HUMANZ by Gorillaz. They sound different than their previous stuff, involve some political issue and relating that to the end of the world, disappointed some of the fan base, and are sound great for the most part. The issue of not sounding like their old stuff is recognizable. I will say there is quality in this album. If you are wanting more perfect circle, you might not like this album. If you like popular music, you might qualify with this album. Maynard Keenan once said he can only work if he has an opening. He finally found one and took the time to work on this album.


I understand working on something doesn’t automatically make it good. I will say this is one of the most interesting albums of this year from what I have heard. My rating of this album is 6.9/10.

Different experiences, same effect: Music and its power to change lives and bring out emotions

By Jose Medrano

Are you the casual listener or a deep thinker when it comes to music? Either way, music  changed people one way or another. It can be viewed in a deep, spiritual level to some people due to it bringing out emotions or just to jam out and let loose. Music varies for people, with Younger people listening to pop, rap, and rock music. Sometimes, people would admit that music “changed their lives,” which sounds crazy within itself but it can actually be true to some.

Music to me is a journey, leading me to a different world. I would daydream whenever I listen to music. Each genre is unique to daydreaming, with calming music giving me relaxing daydreams and energetic music giving me exciting daydreams. As someone who was raised in a Mexican family in California, I was introduced to spanish music that I didn’t like. I got into music during 4-5th grade once I had access to a computer, listening to a variety of songs I never heard of. It opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t know existed. It impacted my life that I listen to music daily, relating to lyrics and expressing its emotions.

People can find music to be relatable. Brandon M., a student at Grant high school, described how music is “more than just sounds and rhymes, it’s a way to feel a lot of emotions.” Knowing that it’s more than sounds, Brandon knows that music can affect people, relaying those emotions from a song to another. Brandon is an avid music lover who listens to music most of the time, having a deep connection to it. It’s a part of his life, with songs fitting some situations such as working out, wanting to party, or feel melancholy.

Jessica H., a student at Grant high school, believes that music makes her “diverse and creative”. It makes sense considering music can give ideas to people due to lyrics or imagery from a music video. She listens to music to escape reality, relax, and for the fun of it, leaving her with options depending on the situation. Not only does music give ideas to people, it can make people listening to songs think about the meaning and how it could relate to them. It can make people think of new things, building off of what was created and try to make it their own image, affecting the outlook of music as a whole.

Where music is listened to varies, either mainly listening to it at home or outside. Caesar C., a Grant high school student, listens to it anywhere because music is his motivator. One of his answers was “I listen to music anywhere/all the time. It's a part of my life ever since I listened to rap in middle school.” Caesar mainly listens to rap, whether it's rap with deep meaning or trap music where rappers sing vulgar lyrics. He listens to that kind of music for fun since music to him is nothing more than beats and rhythms, with no interest in being deeply connected to it.

Role models play a huge part in people being deeply connected to music. Ruzanna D., a student at Grant high school, has two role models with them being Avicii and Post Malone. To her, they teach life lessons that are influenced by their emotions. How these artists came to be respected is because of the emotions they express in their music, making the lyrics seem more genuine. The lessons conveyed in their music have greater impact due to emotions being expressed so the listener could relate to what's being said.

Music has many different views on others, whether it's looked on with meaning or listened to for time to pass by. Music is interesting because of the variety it brings and the many different people that connect to it. It impacts people in different ways, creeping into our lives with genres that appeal to people. Music brings out emotions when needed, making it serve a lot of purposes. Music is a big force that makes us dance, sing, and bob our heads out of our feelings.

VR becomes reality for aspiring artists

By Domonique Oseida

Virtual reality has become a big hit in the gaming and film industry, however now it is seeping into the art world. As the art aspects are growing, so are the opinions on whether it should be considered art and if it should be in museums with traditional art pieces. This changes not only the way art is viewed but also produced.

There has also been more artistic convention to come from the new technology, in that there is more foreground to play around with. Since it is in 3D it allows for there to be more room to experiment, however it is only in the device that shows virtual reality so it creates a bit of a disconnect for some. With the disconnection, there is controversy created between more traditional art versus virtual reality art. While traditional art is more hands-on, VR art is not physically there, which can create a sort of barrier.

According to Naomi Stock at Artrepreneur , “The art world has traditionally been skeptical of new arrivals into its established frameworks.”

Which goes to show that traditional art has been favored for a long time. At the same time the art world created new things and fostered innovation. For there to be a comfortable agreement on the VR art, artists from around the world have looked into the different ways of using VR to produce art. This would also included new way for it to be viewed and how it would get distributed.

Even so, there have been museums that are more than willing to display their works on a VR to allow people to experience the museum without actually needing to go there. While it was even mentioned by Gallery Insights , “the New Museum has created an app for virtual reality artworks which is freely available for download.” These new ways that the museums displaying their works give more room for artists to freelance. Now that artists can make pieces of art and only display them on a website or gallery, it may appear that their worth has decreased.

With the new techniques of creating art, comes new ways of selling, producing, and distributing the work. Edward Klaris, an adviser and lawyer specializing in intellectual property, addressed some of the issues at stake in the New York Times , “while a painting is acquired through a single sale payment, virtual-reality works may demand a monetization plan more along the lines of the film industry.” Meaning that artists would be paid whenever it was sold or distributed. This would change the price of a single piece.

There are ways that can allow people to see the works, while still paying for the art itself, such as pay-per-view. With the new way of viewing art, it is also a new way to make art. While the traditional ways are more physical, with the new generation of children constantly being on screens, VR art has a better connection to them. The new, unexplored medium, which is VR allows for there to be more convenience, at the same time gives a new experience. As the art industry becomes more up to date with the new tech, the physical aspects of traditional art will not lose value either.

As the art market becomes more online, while there are galleries keeping open physical spaces, the farther advanced the technologies and VR becomes, the more it is a need to be with the new wave of art coming in. Although not everyone agrees with the artistic views of VR, it is an actuality that it is growing in the art world. With this new frontier to explore, there is a certain novelty to it that makes it more than just an online, digital space. As far as the progression of it, it will more than likely be pushed into different unmarked territories, that will help with the explosion of the new medium.