AP Seminar:

What Does It Mean to Be Human?

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Course Syllabus 2020-2021

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How to Actively Read Sources

How to Write a Rhetorical Précis in AP Seminar

"Sexy Verbs" in Academic Writing

Socratic Seminars: A User's Guide

Evaluating the Credibility of Sources: RAVEN

Evaluating the Credibility of Online Sources: PAACE

How to Write a Good Research Question

Research Strategies from Google Searches to Navigating Databases

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography in AP Seminar

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Unit 1: Defining Our Nature

Module A: Perspectives on Human Nature

Michel de Montaigne, selection from the Essays, 1588.

Michael Pollan, "The Intelligent Plant," The New Yorker, 2013.

Gary Larson, selected cartoons from The Far Side, 1991.

Clifford Geertz, excerpt from The Interpretation of Cultures, 1973.

Brian Aldiss, "Supertoys Last All Summer Long," 1969.

Brian Christian, "Mind Versus Machine," The Atlantic, 2011.

Artistic perspectives on human nature

Module B: The Darwinian Revolution

The Book of Genesis, Chapters 1-11.

William Paley, excerpts from Natural Theology, 1802.

Nathan Lents, "Five Questions About Human Errors," 2018.

Charles Darwin, excerpts from On the Origin of Species, 1859.

Yuval Noah Harari, "What Explains the Rise of Humans?" 2015.

Scientific American, Special Issue: The Science of Being Human, 2015.

Module C: Exploring Implications of the Darwinian Revolution

Nina Gifford and Ray Linn, "E.O. Wilson's Sociobiology," 2018.

Stephen Cave, "There's No Such Thing as Free Will," 2016.

Jane Goodall, "Chimpanzees—Bridging the Gap," 1993.

Frans de Waal, "Moral Behavior in Animals," 2011.

Alice Walker, "Am I Blue?" 1987.

Peter Singer, "All Animals Are Equal," 1974.


Unit 2: Analyzing Our Mind

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Unit 3: Investigating Our Personalities

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Fashion Model

Unit 4: AP Seminar Performance Task 1

Performance Task 1 Spring 2021 Calendar

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Startup Team

Unit 5: AP Seminar Performance Task 2

Old Books

Performance Task 2 Spring 2021 Calendar

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Unit 6: Preparing for the EOC and AP Research

AP Seminar End-of-Course Exam

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Transitioning to AP Research

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