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Self-Creation Virtual Museum

A showcase of student art from the Dionysian Day Celebrations at Cleveland High School Humanities Magnet.


To give "style" to one's character—a great a rare art!

In the fall of 2015, students in the 12th Grade Humanities Program at Cleveland High School were given a Nietzschean task:  Begin cultivating a unique “style,” and then design and implement a short multimedia performance piece that showcases the kind of stylized self you are trying to create.


The idea for this project comes from a famous passage called "The Greatest Weight" (from Nietzsche's The Gay Science).  In this passage Nietzsche asks: If a demon were to ask you if you’d like to relive your life exactly the way you’ve been living it, how would you respond?  Hopefully, you would be overjoyed with the possibility—or at least that’s what Nietzsche hopes you’d say, because that would imply you are enthusiastic about the kind of self that you’ve created.


Although the whole idea of “creating a beautiful self” might seem strange to typical high school “herd animals," Nietzsche thinks it’s about time we start becoming more intentional about the kind of self that we create.  After all, whether you realize it or not, we are creating a self each and every day!


This virtual museum showcases the results of students' creative endeavors.  Enjoy!












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In addition to creating a multimedia performance piece that showcased their style, students were also asked to "put themselves on a plate."  Dishes had to be made from scratch and had to bare the mark of students' unique style.




The Nietzschean Self-Creation museum is currently not accepting submissions. Please check back in the fall of 2016.



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